Appetite is a basic premise of humanity.  We distinguish ourselves through taste, not simply what we crave or find disgusting to consume, but as a way to elevate our character or transform sociologically.  Seen through this often rarified cloud, satisfying hunger becomes a primal factor of survival rather than an aesthetic experience.  These works are about desire, the kind of hunger that is gluttony.  Anxiety results with how to deal with the embarrassing amount chosen to devour, a quantity that is impossible to ingest.  Overabundance has a distinct visual and psychological pull.  The attraction of fleshy and grotesque objects is simultaneously gross and fascinating.  Entwined into a pattern, an abject wallpaper, we feel and see infinite satisfaction.



Installation shown at two locations:
Gallery of Contemporary Art 121, Colorado Springs, CO
The Front, New Orleans, LA

Alongside of two sculpture works, Full and Carousel at GOCA 121.



A series of smaller sculptures based off of the theme of appetite.



An early wall based relief work from this series, installed at The Front, New Orleans.



Installed at NOCCA in New Orleans, this is the first in the series of food oriented cast work.