Through installation, sculpture, and performance, I explore aspects of borders and peripheries.  I am interested in work where the viewer may be both a participant and an intruder in a terrain.  Often mutations of known forms, these pieces have gravity and a sense of pressure, either as an activated psychological threat or a nuance of material and research. 

While simultaneously questioning virility and the burden of gender, I attempt to understand the role of the body and its context.  This wily relationship is the crux of these works, made in a variety of media with an attention to the craft and ability of the hand.  As the neutral ground in an urban space holds a vital post between the external/internal, emphasizing a liminal area, this work revolves about a reinterpretation of objects or phenomena associated with struggle zones, sovereignty, and the strategy of architecture. 

I find inspiration in the unfolding process of consequences especially as it connects to geopolitics and emblems of power.  The transition between narratives and their function is a place of nebulous security, through which I seek in a spatial manner to exploit and stimulate.

A founding member of The Front, an artist collective and gallery space in New Orleans, Claire Rau was born in Sandusky, Ohio and raised in northeast Tennessee.  She completed her graduate work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and presently teaches foundations at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  She is the recipient of several awards and residencies, while continuing to build upon an extensive exhibition record in the US and internationally.