The exhibitions within these galleries were hosted at The Front in New Orleans. As a member, part of my focus the past decade has been to facilitate/curate other artists. Thank you to all the artists, fellow Front members, friends, family, and art lovers. Please enjoy!   The Front, an artist-run collective and not-for-profit gallery, fosters the development of contemporary art in the city of New Orleans through innovative exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, and other arts programming, all of which are free and open to the public. Founded by artists in 2008 amidst the post-Katrina resurgence of New Orleans and committed to a spirit of grassroots DIY determinism, The Front cultivates new and experimental work, in particular from emerging artists, but also from nationally and internationally known artists.
 Photography by Jonathan Traviesa
Corey Drieth: My Secret Love
  November 9- December 8, 2013 The Front, New Orleans Opening Reception/SATURDAY, November 9, 6-10 pm   Room 2: John Hathaway  Wild | life     For as long as I can remember, I’ve been captivated by the tenuous relationship between humankind and the natural world.  My early fascination with the ways we shape – and are shaped by – our interactions with natural environments informed and eventually became the focus of my photographic work. 
  November 9- December 8, 2013 The Front, New Orleans Opening Reception/SATURDAY, November 9, 6-10 pm   Room 1: Carol Dass    Beauty     The photographs in this exhibition were taken in a small Midwestern Iowa town.  One of those towns described by some as “you can drive through it in the blink of an eye.”    These three images are a small sampling of the Beauty I found there.    The Cyan-o-Panties were made using Women’s 100% cotton briefs dyed using the historic cyanotype process, referencing events from my recent and past history.
  November 12- December 4, 2011 The Front, New Orleans   Opening Reception/SATURDAY, November 12, 6-10 pm   Room 3: Barb Hunt  Rain       Canadian artist Barb Hunt is a pacifist, a heritage that she received from her family, and the influence of living in the United States during the Vietnam War. In this work, she is trying to balance the cruelty of war with her empathy for the individual soldier.
  February 11- March 4, 2012 The Front, New Orleans Opening Reception/SATURDAY, February 11, 6-10 pm   Room 2:  Headphones: Listen Up!  Valerie Brodar, Curator    Is a compilation of sound art from the first recording in 1860 to work created yesterday. Sound art is a hybrid practice investigating silence, noise, ambient textures, appropriation, soundscapes, indeterminacy, narrative, and mashups encompassing intimate listening experiences, live multi-dimensional performances, sound sculptures and installations that expand and engage the non-visual aspects of perception.    Jacki Apple Lynn Book Paul Bright Michael Burns Thomas Edison    Philippe Landry Lou Mallozzi Filippo Tammaso Marinetti Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville David Moss Senga Nengudi Luigi Russolo Kurt Schwitters Helen Thorington David Webber Hildegard Westerkamp   Gregory Whitehead Michael Winter
 July 11- August 1, 2009 Opening Reception: July 11, 6-10 pm The Front   Americana    Featuring the work of American artists, this group exhibition at The Front responds to issues concerning the influences of the United States of America. Typically referring to cultural artifacts or the westward expansion of the pioneers,  Americana  seeks to extend the horizon of American popular culture through an exploration of side-show and backwoods phenomena, altered landscapes, and arcane celebration. New Orleans is of particular interest in lieu of these objectives as the Crescent City, both historically and currently, has been an incubator for a diverse population that challenges much of the racial, economic, and religious status quo.   Matt Barton Mark Bradley-Shoup Corey Drieth Nicole Jean Hill Arthur Brett Reif Lydia Moyer Brad Benischek Doug Dertinger Greg Murr Cristin Millet  Colin Frazer  Photography by Jonathan Traviesa