TIME: BIANNUAL UCCS VISUAL ART FACULTY EXHIBITION  January 31–May 12, 2019  GOCA Ent Center  Abbey Hepner, Ben Kinsley, Marina Eckler, Nikki Pike, Claire Rau, Corey Drieth, Jeremy Click, Pauline Foss, Stacy Platt, Matt Barton, Nick Henning, Carol Dass, & Jessica Langley  Claire Rau The works in this tableau are experiments, perhaps prototypes for the future. Created in the last two months, this process has been vastly different from my usual long, planned, labor intensive pieces that typically have the phrase “ongoing” somewhere in the subtext. There is a remarkable freedom in working without hesitation and trying out new technology that I’ve shied away from because of its lack of the hand. I hope to revitalize both my ways of making and the reasons for doing so with thoughtful economy.  In relation to the Time theme of this exhibition, these works are influenced by the current political environment of The United States of America.
  Striped  Cast plastic, dowels, paint Dimensions variable 2016
Man up
Slowly, with a worshipful heart
Booby Traps